Conversational Ai that delights members & grows your business


• 3X more customer REVIEWS

• 10X more customer REFERRALS

• 90% RESPONSE RATE to members surveys

Member Referrals

Additional rewards to incentivize members to refer a friend
Member can refer via Facebook, Facebook Messenger or email
Friend responds and accepts offer pays for itself many times over

1 New Member covers the cost of Jolt for a full year!
1 New Member per month via Jolt will result in a 1000% ROI

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How? The secret is smart, real-time conversation

Members can compete against each other to top the leaderboard or in head-to-head competition. groups members into competitions based on their fitness level and MovePoint goals so members just starting their fitness journey aren’t competing against veteran triathletes! But members who aren’t into competition can ignore it and still have a great experience!
Members will earn cool free stuff as they make progress towards their goals…because who doesn’t like to get free stuff?
AI-powered Fitness Tracker will track member activity and help them set & achieve fitness goals, providing daily updates that are automated and personalized based on each member’s goal and progress.
Fun Interactions
Your members will interact with Jolt several times each day and multiple days per week, leading to 1,000s of positive interactions between your members and your brand… does all this for you…so you don’t have to!


Jolt Rewards

Owners & Managers


Provide incentives

Member Reviews

Jolt knows when someone completes and activity
Jolt can then ask the member to write a review
Members can seamlessly leave a review on Yelp, Google, or Facebook

We ask at the right time

Member Surveys

Member reviews their weekly goal
We can ask a simple, one question survey
We get 90% response rates

90% response rates

But if you want more data

We have a rich dashboard that includes 1,000s of data points on your members that can be used to have more in depth conversations. And we never sell this data to anyone.

We keep you informed...

Each time a successful review or referral is completed you receive an email.

We do all the work

We send out weekly surveys and compile the information for you.

Showing Member Engagement

Every week we'll send you a weekly digest of your member's activity. We'll show everything from their movement activity to achievements to amount of referrals and reviews.
Turn your members into even bigger brand advocates by giving them a unique experience that helps them set goals, see results, and earn free rewards!
These are some of the cool prizes your members can earn - ranging from digital to physical goods
The member experience is designed to motivate your members, resulting in up to 49% more weight loss and 227% more body fat loss than members who do not use Jolt. Help members achieve results, turn them into lifetime brand advocates.
More weight lost
Larger decrease in body fat %
227% users out performed non-users...

Try the experience for yourself


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Unlimited Team Leads
Unlimited Messaging
Weekly Reporting
Dedicated Support 
100% Fulfillment of Rewards
$149 /month*

Save 50%

*special pricing offers may apply

So how can we get you so many more referrals and reviews than other services? is a chatbot that lives in Facebook Messenger that communicates with your members in a converational style in real time. So we can ask your members to write reviews or make referrals as a natural part of their interactions, when they feel great!

Using is easy and requires very little from you or your staff! really works and will help your members achieve their fitness goals.

The secret is in real time conversation!

as compared to other marketing platforms

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Direct MindBody integration makes setup simple

Dedicated account manager to ensure your success

Regular email reports show you the ROI

Rich dashboard of your members’ data

Jolt supplies rewards so you don't have to

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